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Who will blink first?

The current political happenings in our country remind me of Winston Churchill’s words that, “Democracy is the worst form of government compared to everything else that has been tried”.

Where as6 the majority of Kenyans (and an overwhelming one in this case) are in support of elections being held on 26th October, a smaller but more vocal minority is clearly opposed to the idea because the game of numbers are not in their favour.

Jubilee knows that pleasant winds of political fortune are on their sails and are therefore going on campaign overdrive, wooing every vote because this is one election they are sure of winning. Its the bandwagon effect and its working very well for them because it is human nature to want to be part of the winning team.

NASA on the other hand are suffering from the underdog effect and are leaking votes at an alarming rate. Knowing thus that they can’t win in October 26th, they have adopted a scorched earth policy to ensure that elections are not held or if they are held, it shall be under a cloud of chaos and controversy so as to illegitimize the obvious outcome of a Uhuru Win.

The NASA defiance of security agencies and suicidal protest actions, some leading to fatalities is part of the script of generating mass despondence by collectively characterizing the state, the incumbent and the ruling party as despotic.

The perception created then is that the nation in majority is disaffected with the current regime which is a false narrative because in truth, it is only a more vocal minority protesting against a government that has the backing and support of a silent but overwhelming majority.

Democracy of course involves the minority having their say but the majority having their way. So let the minority have their SAY against elections being held on October 26th but in the same way, let the majority also have their WAY and have their election on 26th October.

After all, the last time I checked, Kenya was a Democratic state.

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