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IMPUNITY REIGNS – Baringo Youth Harassed

The Arrested youth

Tension is brewing in Eldama Ravine Baringo County after three young members of the area’s community policing group were arrested and locked up on what residents termed as trumped up charges. The three gentlemen Kirwa Zakayo , Kosoboi and Kiplagat Boit have been working with the local community and Police to identify and arrest methanol distributors in Lembus Kwen Ward.  The area has been overrun recently by illegal brew merchants which has led to youth being perpetually drunk.

When they went to arrest a suspect, a lady called Agnes Alias Eunice, she turned violent and injured Kirwa. They managed to confiscate the illegal alcohol to Eldama Ravine police station where they also got P3 and headed for  treatment. The lady was arrested for assault and sale of illicit alcohol.

However in an interesting turn of events, the lady later took the three guys to court on Assault charges where the court released them on cash bail which was paid by Lembus Kwen MCA Lawi Kipchumba.

Lembus Council of Elders

The following day, the lady also launched new charges of robbery with violence against the three young men who were rearrested and charged with robbery with violence on Wednesday. The Lembus Council of Elders then held a demonstration to demand justice for the three and action against police officers who they accuse of  colluding with the CHANG’AA brewer. A demonstration is scheduled for Monday 25th February. Activists are working hard to secure their release by end of today.

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