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“I’m Sorry I made you vote for Jubilee” Laments Farmer.

A post by our writer Peter Chepkong’a, has gone viral after he apologized for campaiginig for Jubilee Party during the 2017 general elections. This comes in the wake of numerous high level corruption cases involving government entities reported¬† by the Kenyan media last week.

Am very sorry, really sorry.


On my own behalf and on behalf of my future generations. That they may not suffer for the sins of their father.

I am very sorry that I was involved in campaigning for a government that has watched silently as a helpless, peasant farmer is fleeced twice within a space of 3 months- without mercy.

When I campaigned for Jubilee it was because I wanted to ensure my Governor of choice won.

I am sorry for the peasant farmer who braved august rains to vote a government that has watched as their sweat is gang-raped and repeatedly so by a band of heartless cartels.

The very same farmers who were used to create fertiliser subsidy but never received fertiliser in time for 2018 planting season.

I am sorry dear peasant farmers, that the national government treats you like a donkey. They hang before you a juicy piece of carrot in the name of purchasing your harvest; they flog you to deliver but when you get to NCPB gates you are turned away!

Please listen and consider these words from a contrite heart.

I am sorry for the sons and daughters of peasant farmers who voted because my posts read ‘Tano Tena’

I mostly meant Tano Tena for the local leadership. I have never really had affiliations up there except when we are told that

‘ Huwezi kuvaa suit na T-shirt’

Even though our constitution provides for that.

I am sorry for the truck and tractor drivers who braved long, dusty and cold days and nights ,standing guard complete with thousands of bags of clean maize packed in 90Kg bags on either side of the roads leading into NCPB stores.

The 216,000 bag salute in honor of the other 216,000 bags of red thrips infested Ugandan maize trooping into NCPB – with their 50kg Mexican slay queen maize strutting along for 1.9B priority processing and payment. I am sorry.

I know these long nights may have caused broken families back in the villages.

I am sorry for my sins of commission and omission.

‘Come let us reason together. Even though your sins are as scarlet as blood, I will make you white as snow!’, says the good book.

Here I am brothers and sisters.

Clad in a sack cloth. Neatly cut from the very same sacks used in the 216,000 bag salute.

I have smeared my body with the ashes from the harvest that was rejected at the 12 gates of NCPB and destroyed back in our farms after weevils bore into them beyond value.

I am screaming for forgiveness in the very same tone, pitch and energy with which I said ‘Tano Tena!’

I really meant ‘Tano Tena’ for devolved established but the same powers from above which sent Mexican and Ugandan maize must have heard ‘Tano Terror!’

Please listen and consider these words from a contrite heart. Do not turn your ears away.

When I INADVERTENTLY campaigned, I never thought that a political Rebbekah would swap JUBILEE for LOOTILEE.

I know I am sinful. I have skipped traffic light, sometimes I don’t pay parking tickets too. Sometimes I brag that ‘we are in kaffamen’

But on this my conscience is screaming atop mount Sinai I hope it is heard in the Garden of Olives, where Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the grotto , foresaw the atonement he was to make for the sins of the world.


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