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Mistakes When Writing Essays

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    Unlike tests, essays do not assume a multiple-choice format.
    multiple-choice format). Writing an essay is not limited in time, you
    You can rewrite it many times, ask your friends to read your essay.
    Take advantage of all the opportunities and try to avoid common
    1. Bad checking.
    Don’t think that you can limit yourself to spell-checking.
    Reread your essays and make sure there aren’t any
    ambiguous expressions, unfortunate turns, etc. Examples that
    not to “take note” of:
    “I am proud that I was able to stand up to the use of drugs,
    alcohol, tobacco.”
    “Working at your firm (organization), located in a wonderful place ,
    with a lot of Gothic-style architecture, would be an exciting
    2. Tiresome prefaces. An insufficient amount of detail.
    Too often an interesting ukessays review loses out in what amounts to a
    listing statements without illustrating them with examples. The essay
    is characterized by the usual clichés: the importance of hard work and perseverance, learning
    on mistakes, etc.
    3. verbosity.
    Essays are limited to a certain number of words, so you need to
    to use that amount wisely. Sometimes this means giving up some ideas or details, especially if they have already been mentioned somewhere or
    not directly relevant. Such things only
    distract the reader’s (listener’s) attention and overshadow the main topic of the essay.
    4. Long sentences.
    The longer the sentence, the better – this is what some candidates think.
    However, this is far from the truth. Long sentences do not yet prove the
    the author, and short sentences often produce a greater effect. Better
    best when long phrases alternate with short ones in an essay. Try
    read the essay out loud. If you feel like you’re catching your breath,
    break up the paragraph into smaller paragraphs.
    When you’re done writing the essay, do this exercise. Assign
    each paragraph a letter: either S (short), M (medium), or L (long). S –
    less than 10 words, M – less than 20 words, L – 20 words or more.
    The correct essay has the following or similar letter order – M S M L M
    An incorrect essay is characterized by this sequence of letters – S S S M L
    L L.
    5. Do not overload the essay.
    When writing an essay, discard encyclopedia words. Incorrect
    use of such words distracts the reader, diminishes the
    the importance of the essay.
    By avoiding such common mistakes, you will be able to interest the expert
    The expert committee (employer) with your experience.

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