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ASBEL KIPROP: Revenge mission gone wrong?

The Post Asbel did

Kenyans woke up to shocking images and videos of celebrated 1500m champion Asbel Kiprop getting all close and dirty with his pacesetter’s wife Nancy . In the video, the seemingly drunk pair were dancing to a melodious kalenjin tune with the lady’s top off, exposing her white bra. They then proceeded to kiss.

Some street whisperers we talked to expressed no shock in today’s happenings stating that this was simply a culmination of a drawn out feud between the disgraced athlete and his long term pacesetter Emmanuel. Apparently, Asbel blames the gentleman for ratting him out which lead to his doping activities being uncovered. In that incident, it is alleged that Emmanuel had long suspected that Asbel and Nancy had a romantic affair going on behind his back and he decided to snitch on him to anti-doping authorities as payback. Consequently, he coordinated a sting operation on the athlete who was caught pants down and tested positive for EPO.

Owing to this, Asbel intensified his affair with Nancy, and the two would regularly be seen together around. Yesterday night, on his Facebook account, Asbel leaked the photos and video in what he terms as a move to expose Nancy for her wayward manners. He states that the lady moves around with elite politicians and celebrities in exchange for money, promising to name seven elite athletes who have been having an affair with Nancy. He blames her for messing up his career, marriage and reputation. The leak didn’t go don well with Nancy, a former contender for the Sergoit Ward County Assembly representative seat, who tried taking her life by taking poison. She’s currently admitted at Eldoret Hospital.

Whatever it is, we think that by sharing the photos online, Asbel ended up shooting himself on the foot.

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