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Baringo Engineer Uses His Talent, Profession to Inspire Youth in Tiaty

I will: The song that Kimutai sang featuring his mentee

Obsurvative Kimutai, in 2016 quit his Engineering job to focus entirely on mentoring the young ones back at his home county of Baringo.

This drastic move was informed by the need to save the younger generation from the shackles of cattle rustling an age old cultural practice infiltrated by criminals who won’t hesitate putting young and promising lives on the line for their own selfish gains.

“We no longer have cattle rustling where the elders bless warriors to go get cattle, we today have Banditry where a few youth ‘of course armed’ gang up and raid their neighbors for personal gain and usually stolen cattle are not stocked but sold immediately. So banditry is theft, Cattle rustling is a cultural activity that is no longer relevant today but bandits appropriate their theft to it being part of their culture,” says Kimutai.

He has now decided to experiment on new mentorship methods and as such he will be releasing a song tomorrow, in which he features a small and passionate young boy from Kamrio village in Tiaty, Baringo County.

Watch trailer:


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