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Charles Kipkulei

Kenya produced one of their worst ever performances at the just concluded commonwealth games held in Australia. This had led to so much speculation on the cause. Charles Kipkulei is one of those who gave their opinion.


“Our dismal performance at the just concluded Commonwealth Games where we finished 14th overall on the medal standings should be a lesson in common sense when doing team selection.


Countries like Bahrain and Qatar have been raiding the Rift Valley in Kenya for athletes while Uganda showcased their best performance yet this year by giving an opportunity to runners from the Mount Elgon area a chance to compete. It was not lost to many that the Ugandans who beat Kenya in many races bore similar names to the traditionally known Kenyan runners.

Uganda Shone during the games

Now why should we in Kenya ignore these traditional homes and sources of champions and start selecting runners without the natural running prowess? I say this because looking at the squad that was representing Kenya, it seemed like someone was doing an experiment on regional representation at the expense of medals.

And yes, we have paid for it dearly, number 14 ndio kitu gani?”

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